Mental wellness at work

Next week is my 2 year anniversary at my company and it has gotten me thinking about my journey thus far. I have worked with many different teams within my Family of Companies; Instructional Design, Technology Training, Training Coordination, Marketing Operations to name a few.

Never in my life have I stayed in one job too long, I am always looking for that next adventure, the next thing to pull me out of whatever anxiety I am having that I believe came from that job. Instead of confronting it, I left. Guess what.. the anxiety followed me and the pattern continued, well continues.

This time I wont let it take me away from something that is good for me. I am lucky enough to work for one of the best companies, a company that supports their employees, a company that understands my mental health issues, advocates for me and helps pay for my treatment. Instead of running away when things got tough, this time I asked for help from the resources that were available to me. I received an overwhelming amount of support from my team and my leadership. They didn’t see my calling in sick as me being “lazy” or “unreliable” as some had called me in the past. They saw my passion for my job and understood that this was not a reflection of me, but a consequence of my illness.

As I head into the third year here I want to remember that I have worked my ass off to get here and to stay here, I will not give up on the company that has not given up on me. It’s about not being afraid to be vulnerable and to ask for help when you need it. I could choose to let my anxiety take over and hide from the world or I can choose to fight and figure out how to live my passion every single day. This journey is an ever-winding path but I would rather stay on the road and see where it leads then to sit on the side of the street and wish that I didn’t have to start over AGAIN.

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