Happy Friday my Dear Readers!

This week something I have been lacking had been balance. Balance in my work life and home life and balance in my mind. I have been moving a mile a minute and I have made some, less than wonderful, decisions this week.

Raise your hand if you stress eat? *slowly raises hand*

Raise your hand if you are the person who has a huge ass to do list but sits on Pintrest instead because you are overwhelmed with the stuff on your list so you better just not do anything at all.

How do you get from being overwhelmed and out of wack to being back to balance and control?

My therapist taught me that when you are diagnosed with the depression the best thing you can do for yourself is to force yourself to do the things you don’t want to do. When you don’t want to get out of bed… do it. When you don’t want to work out.. do it. I think this principle applies here as well.

Instead of trying to do all the things you need to take a step back and figure out what you NEED to take care of in order to restore the zen, to get yourself back to the normal.

For example, I am a 5am work out person. This week with all the craziness that has been going on I have not worked out like I normally do. That alone starts my day off kilter. I am so used to having that “me time” in the morning that when I don’t have it my brain is already starting into panic mode. Second, I usually pack my lunch something healthy and filling. Instead this week I have ordered carry out for lunch every day and dinner twice. Not only is that against routine but eating crappy food makes you feel like crap. If you are what you eat… then this week I am crap.

I have been preparing to launch my very first free online course and I am so nervous to do that which is again causing the balance to be wack. My mind is racing with negative thoughts. ” It wont be good enough”, ” No one will come”, “no one will get it”. But, having everyone get it, and come is not the point. I am putting this information out and holding these class sessions because I wish someone was there to give that information to me. Same reason I started this blog. If one person gains anything from this then I have met my goal.

We get so out of balance when we try to take on the world, make everything perfect, do more than we have to. If we focus on the goal and take the steps to achieve that goal the balance is restored and instead of feeling overwhelmed you feel fulfilled.

So here is your take away. What is it that is making you feel off balance and why? Are you doing too much? are you not doing enough? Are you not giving yourself the credit you deserve?

Do only what will help fill your cup, otherwise it is not worth it.



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