Old ways wont open new doors.

I have a calendar on my desk called #advicefromaunicorn and that was today’s advice. It amazes me just how much the universe knows what we need at the moment we need it.

I embarked on a new adventure yesterday for that exact reason. I have been working and working on finding the right solution to help me lose the weight and get healthy… but I wont get ahead of myself.

After going to my sisters wedding on Friday I was feeling like a piece of garbage. She is a fitness model, who looked like a damn princess that day, as she should, but I couldn’t help but compare myself to her, as I have my entire life. I am a human and comparison is part of our makeup, we know that comparison is a thief of reality and happiness- yet we do it anyway.

The day I got back from New York, Melissa and I joined a new gym that offers fitness classes as well as personal training. Knowing as much as I do about fitness, nutrition and training I never really considered spending the money to do personal training. Last night I took that leap, being the one thing I never tried.

After meeting with Brad- the trainer- we set a goal that is realistic and a timeline to hit it. He explained to me why what I have done in the past hasn’t worked and what we can do to fix it… then we did the workout.


I have never felt more out of shape in my life. My entire vibe changed. I felt defeated and I felt like a liar. I work out 5-6 days a week and I couldn’t even do moves he was asking me to do. My anxiety took over and I started to question everything. I almost cried but I didn’t want to scare the poor man the first time he met me.

We went back to his desk and we made a plan and I committed. If he shows up for me, I will show up for him. If I give him one year of blood, sweat and tears- he will help me to reach my goal.

Happiness and health shouldn’t have a price tag, and unfortunately they do, but the best thing to invest in is yourself. I tell all my clients that and I need to live by my own mantras. I invested and I committed and I am logging it here on the day June 6, 2019. I don’t care if a single one of you reads this post but if you do I would appreciate any love/support. I will help you reach your goals if you help me reach mine.



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