Blogger With No Laptop

It is every bloggers worst nightmare.

All my ideas, my drafts not to mention my outlet. GONE.

It has been a dark period friends, but never fear! My laptop has been fixed and I have a notebook full of ideas for you to consume.

In my time with no laptop I started writing for myself in a notebook… and I noticed the side effects that it had on my mental health. There was something so liberating about writing for me. My messy thoughts and scattered brain on paper.

No editing, no proofreading, no impostor syndrome- just clarity. I was happier, less anxious, and way more focused on other things in my life and not just the nasty voices in my head.

So I have decided that since I started this blog for me, I am going to do a series. I am going to write for me. I am going to share my prompts with you and I encourage you to write with me. Open up the dark corners of you. Learn something new, get those thoughts out on paper – you never know what may come of it.

Come with me, dear readers.

Let’s Adventure.

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