What is going right in my life?

So often we focus on the negative, what is going wrong. As humans we always ask each other “whats wrong?” and then we respond “oh! nothing” because we don’t want anyone to know why we are actually upset. No one ever asks what is going right, then we answer and that positiveness will spread. Spreading positivity is one of the most underrated forms of therapy in my opinion.

Today’s prompt for my self esteem series is “What is going right in my life?”

The first thing that comes to mind about what is going right is my partner, Melissa. Nothing in my life has ever felt as right as my relationship with her. In that relationship I am me 100% of the time. I don’t have to hide anything and that in its self is so liberating.

Second is my career. I work in email marketing and I have a bright future here. I know that I am valued as a part of the team and that I have a boss who will stand up for me no matter what. Is it exactly what I see myself doing forever, nope but its a stepping stone and its allowing me to make money while I figure out these “messy twenties”.

I am very good at goal setting, I have high hopes and dreams.. (just started singing Panic! at the Disco in my head writing this). I am not scared of these dreams and I try to hustle to hit those goals everyday. I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to make this brand and this blog successful. I want to help people. I want to help the women who have dealt with the things I have not feel so alone, to know there is someone else fighting this fight and we can figure it out.

I do one thing for my self care every day. This is a huge one. It is so important to practice self care when trying to live a positive, healthy life. I am a fitness junkie and I get up at 5:15 and get my butt to the gym. That’s my me time. My happy hour. Starting my day with something for me gets my head in the right place to have a productive and successful day even when things get stressful or overwhelming.

If you get nothing else from this post, please ask yourself “what is going right?” and jot something down. Let me tell you, the head space I am in after writing this is a hell of a lot clearer than it was when I started. Writing this stuff down takes the weight off of you and puts it on the keyboard, the pen, the paper.

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