5 Ways Listening to Podcasts Has Improved My Life.

Over the last month I have been starting to establish my brand and start to make my entrepreneur dreams a reality.

As many of you know I am associated with Beachbody and have been studying their business model for years. They have 4 non negotiable actions that have proven time and time again that help to move the needle forward. One of them- personal development. Ten minutes a day of personal or professional development is a required activity to help you achieve your goals. However, have I done this everyday? HELL NAWW. Who has time to spend 10 minutes reading a book every morning when I could be sleeping in?

Enter the new Podcast craze.

GIRL, this is a GAME CHANGER. My life, my mindset, my reality has changed since I started listening to podcasts EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Morning Mindset

The first way that listening to podcasts has improved my life is it has improved my morning mindset. Everyday on my way to my 9-5, while I am sitting in traffic, I listen to a podcast. Think about it, you’re sitting there pissed off because Suzie in her fancyass Audi just cut you off and you are running late for work, but you got your girl Rachel Hollis in your ear telling you exactly how to achieve that goal you have been sitting on for years, its not so bad. I am listening to uplifting, inspiring words each morning and it lights a fire under my butt to get to work. While working my 9-5 is not the thing that sets my soul on fire, however it is a stepping stone to reaching my ultimate goals. I see my job as a tool to learn and grow professionally so that when I am ready to take that entrepreneurial leap and go all in I will have the resources, the knowledge and the confidence to make it happen.

Learning for FREE

Podcasts are essentially giving you free information. You want to know how to eat clean?…There is a podcast for that. Want to learn how to create a Facebook marketing campaign?…. There is a podcast for that. Professionals in each space spend time each week talking to their listeners about their zone of genius. For me I am listening to other boss babes and learning how they built their empire using social media for sales and influence. Listening to a half hour podcast is much easier for me to do everyday than it is to take a class at my local community college or sit down and read a text book.

Constant Productivity

By listening to podcasts instead of watching Netflix, for example, I am being consistently productive. We live in a world full of noise. Some noise is productive, and some is not; like spending hours scrolling though Facebook or Instagram.

I am writing this blog post now but I am also listening to a podcast about building small business and my brain is lighting up with ideas. There is no shortage of consumable content in your desired field.


I find daily empowerment by listening to these podcasts. Especially in the saturated market that I am in, it’s SO hard to feel like I can do this, like it’s worth it; these podcasts lift me up and make me say “Well why not me?Whose to say that I can’t do that? Who says that I am not fun or interesting?”

I am someone who speaks up, someone who wants to share my knowledge and opinion with people who are like me. These podcasts are people sharing their knowledge, wanting to help their listeners, these people are just like me.

I Am Not Alone

Not only has listening to these podcasts inspired me in my life, in my day to day- my 9-5, but it has taught me that there are THOUSANDS of people out there that have the same problems, the same concerns as me. All I have to do is type in my problem and there are so many episodes by so many speakers talking about that concern. Podcasts, if done well, are so authentic and therefore inspiring. I feel like these women understand me because they have been where I am.

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