Your Brain is your Super Power.

Everyone knows that your brain is the center of your world- it makes everything go. Everyone has also heard the sayings about it..

“Your body achieves what your mind believes”

“Positive mindset, positive outcomes”

Oprah’s “Secret”.

While the brain holds all the power it is also easily tricked, what I mean is that it cannot tell the difference between perception and reality- the saying “what you see is what you get” or when you get scared or cry from watching a movie.. your brain is processing that as reality.

If you can imagine the thoughts and feelings that you would experience when you achieve that goal, you can make it happen.

One of the morning routine’s I studied in this post, was suggested by Rachel Hollis. She explains in her podcast her morning routine in which she writes out her top 10 things she really wants to happen as if they have already happened.

” I am a New York Times best selling author”

“I am a fantastic wife and mother”

The powerful “I am” statements will shift your reality from what if and when I to I am and I can.

Learn more about her morning routine and order her start today journal here!

When you can visualize how what someone who has achieved that goal would do in any given situation you will automatically begin to act that way.

Theory in Practice

I watched the new Netflix documentary called “Understanding the Mind”. They have two episodes I was particularly interested in, The brain on Psychedelics and Anxiety Explained. The first was very interesting and I absolutely recommend it, but the second is what I want to discuss.

In the show they used a graph to show how effective different treatments for anxiety and depression were. The most effective treatment( on its own) was placebo. PLACEBO. That’s your brain doing its job. You have tricked your brain into thinking that it is getting fixed and it fixed its self.

I have attempted to do this the past week and I think I have seen a difference overall in my mood. I am less negative and I think I believe in myself a tiny bit more.

I will be testing this over the next week and will report back in my next post. Stay Tuned!

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