You never know who needs to hear your story.

You could save someone you didn’t even know needed saving.

The topic of mental health, while becoming more widely accepted as a topic of conversation, is tough to discuss for a plethora of reasons- namely the racing thoughts in our heads. “We will be shamed, it will sound stupid to someone else, other people’s stories are worse than mine, mine doesn’t deserve to be told. “

Your story is valid and your story is important. I am one of the most trusting humans you will ever meet and I am willing to share my story. Sometimes I do get shamed but sometimes it is exactly what someone else needs to hear…

A few weeks ago I was sitting a the salon getting my hair done and I am unsure of how we got on the topic of college and where we went. She shared with me that she went to Central and I was like Hell Yea! Fire UP! We started talking about dorm life and how crazy the party scene was up there. She said that she moved home and is going to a remote campus because Central messed up her mental health. She went on to explain her story, when she finished I was practically in tears.

This girl has my story. This girl is me.

To be able to tell someone who is struggling that you know exactly what they are going though because you experienced it as well is mental healing magic. This girl understood why I never wanted to go to class, why I didn’t feel comfortable in my apartment and why I felt so alone. She knew how the pressure of the program I was in caused so much stress and anxiety that I had to leave it. She even shared the same destructive coping methods that I did. She dug herself into the same hole I was in but it was so dark in there we never found each other.

She expressed her want to go back and try again but her fear that the same things would happen again. While I did not end up returning to campus, I told her that I worked hard to learn how to cope with this the correct way, how to make better decisions not only in going out and friend making, but in the classes I was taking and the information that I surrounded myself with. Taking a mental health psych class and discussing warning signs can be the ultimate trigger.. Save the class, take it when you are feeling better. Get involved in a club or sport that makes you happy. You can find people that love the same things you do and it can help be a stepping stone out of the hole- like joining the winter guard there was for me.

Sometimes you cross paths with someone and they are there to test you, sometimes you cross paths with the ones that need you the most.

My point being that you never know who is struggling, you never know who needs to hear your story. Screw the judgement, who cares? You never know who is still stuck in the dark

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