New year New you, and all that jazz…

Chiche, I know.

Coming back at you after a LONNGG mental hiatus and I start here? Really?

yes, yes I am back and I am embarking on a new adventure that I thought I would share with you, my dear readers.

If you have been here for any amount of time (or read my headline) you know that my weight loss struggle is REAL. I have been trying so hard this last year to find something, anything that would work for me. I tried therapy, Weight Watchers, a personal trainer, even Overeaters Anonymous to see is that was my real problem ( that is a story for another post) but here I am 40 lbs heavier after trying my fucking hardest to lose weight.

I want to get one thing straight right now, I am NOT trying to lose weight to look great, it however may be a bonus 🙂 Never in my life did I really want to lose weight to be healthy but I guess I grew up because that is where I am at. Now that I finally found a life I want to live I will do whatever it takes to keep it for as long as I can and that means getting healthy.

“But Carly, don’t you already live a pretty healthy lifestyle? ” you ask.

I do! I eat healthy and work out but because of my physical illness I need some extra help. Enter this new journey. Weight loss surgery.

I know, I know. I have been very against it in the past too but I have done many hours of research and I have decided to take steps towards having a gastric sleeve in order to achieve that healthy, long, happy life I am now attached to. Here is the start of my journey.

Step 1: Research

Surgery of any kind is a huge decision and not something that can just be decided in a day (or a even a month, lets be real!). If you have been here for any amount of time you know that I am a constant researcher, I like to know all there is to know about anything that I decide I might want to partake in.

My partner, being a nurse researcher has also taught me how to find good and reputable sources for finding information to make informed decisions. After learning as much as I could I decided to make an appointment to see the surgeon and get some questions answered.

Step 2: Initial Appointment

Before going to meet with the surgeon you have to take an online seminar ( at most places). In that seminar I got confirmation on all the promises the research articles made.

Here are some highlights ( Articles will be linked shortly)

  • Most women with PCOS achieved Remission of symptoms.
    • No more extra hair growth
    • No more insulin resistence
    • Lessened depression and anxiety
  • Siginificant reduction or complete elimination of high blood pressure
  • Reverse Type 2 diabeties
  • Lower bad cholesterol

Meeting the Team

I had my initial appointment on December 15, 2020. During this appointment I met the surgeon, the dietitian and the insurance coordinator.

The surgeon explained to me exactly what would happen to me physically in the surgery, explaining how and why the staples would go where in my stomach. It made me feel very comfortable knowing how comfortable and confident he was in the surgery. I asked him about all the research I had done and asked for confirmation as well as some other questions I had. He spent a lot of time with me to talk though all the physical concerns I had and he gave me his number to text any more questions I had in the process.

Next, I met with the dietitian. Normally dietitians and I do NOT get along- basically because I know a lot about nutrition and I don’t like to rehash all my failed attempts in the past, but this one was different. I explained to her that I knew a lot of the basics, what my philosophies were on macros, what I have tried in the past and I asked her to talk the “nitty gritty” with me. We talked for almost an hour and I really feel like she understood me, that she knew where I was coming from. It is so refreshing to hear that “ the way you eat is not your fault” and “ I know that your body is working against you so no matter what you do you feel like you are failing”. I wanted to shout from the rooftops. Finally someone who didn’t say eat more salad or try weight watchers. We talked about pre-op and post-op diets and what the 180 days leading up to the surgery would look like food wise. It’s going to be brutal but I am willing to do what it takes. ( More about this in my next post)

Last, I met with the insurance coordinator. She explained to me the things I needed to complete in order for my insurance to cover the surgery. Along with a physical to get clearance for the operation, I have to do a psychiatric evaluation and 180 days of food tracking with the dietitian. That puts me at surgery around July 2021. OOF. I am not happy about that but as I said, I will do whatever it takes.

Looking ahead

Now that the holidays are about over I plan to really start focusing in on the nutrition and make these 6 months (which sounds way longer than 180 days) something I am proud of. Taking it one day at a time and viewing it as one day closer to reaching my goals.

My next appointment with the dietitian to start my tracking is Jan. 20, 2021.

If anyone has gone though VSG before please reach out! I have watched a million and one YouTube videos but I know everyone has had a different story and I would love to get some info and advice from anyone and everyone I can chat with.

Until next time friends, I hope you have a happy and safe New Years and cheers to 2021.



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