Stage 2: The Scope

Something I never thought would happen to me – someone shoving a huge camera down my throat and looking at my stomach, actually it makes me kind of nauseous to think about it.

I have been working with my primary care doctor to get ready for surgery in the summer and we have had a few bumps in the road.

I went to see her because I was having crazy chronic fatigue and I wanted her to check my blood levels to make sure everything was ok. Without even thinking about it I had a redbull about an hour before I went it to see her.

Then.. she took my blood pressure. Well how do you think that turned out? It was INSANELY high and my pulse was crazy. She flipped out and told me that I was going to have a cardiac event and they needed to do an EKG right then. Thanks for being concerned but she scared the crap out of me.

She said she would NOT sign the consent for surgery because she didn’t think I was healthy enough. This made me LIVID. I talked to my girlfriend ( now fiancé!!!! but that will come in a later post) who is a nurse and she said that the numbers were fine and my doctor over reacted.

I ended up monitoring my BP for a week and my fiancé said they were perfect numbers and I didn’t need to be on meds. I went into my follow up apt with my doctor armed with these fantastic numbers saying “see, I don’t need to take more meds!”

Welp, she disagreed and sent me home with new expensive medicine…

I monitored for another week and, well the meds worked and she was thrilled. Fine, whatever so did she sign the paper? NO. NO. NO. she did not.

She says she will reconsider in April so just send up some good vibes people.

Fast forward to yesterday the surgeon who I am working with ordered an upper GI to make sure everything was all good down there. Surprise. Its not.

Yesterday I learned that my stomach does not digest food. Like at all. So instead of doing a VSG we are going to proceed with a full gastric bypass! I am honestly excited because that’s the one I really wanted in the beginning of this whole thing. I do want to know what is happening to my food and how this has effected me my whole life so I will start researching that next.

This was a boring post but it was a part of my journey so here we go. its documented.

Until next time,


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