About Me

My blog was born from my struggle with nutrition, fitness and mental wellness. As a teenager I would search and search the internet for someone who had a similar experience to me, something that would make me feel like I wasn’t alone or a weirdo, and if I can be that for one person then this is a successful blog.

I have PCOS, insulin resistance, anxiety, depression and all the fun plus size struggles… talk about trying to find a good sports bra!

My struggle started almost 20 years ago and I have been studying health and wellness since I was a teenager to try to find answers to why my body and mind acted the way that it did. In those 20 years I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to lose weight, feel healthy, and to feel confident in my own skin.

If those years of struggle taught me anything, it is tenacity. I hope that my open and honest posts will help you learn to feel happy, healthy and confident being you.